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Court Reference Letter From Mom

If you choose the DIY route, please tailor this letter for your specific situation. This is a sample - do not copy verbatim.


[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]




The Honorable [Judge's Full Name]

United States District Court

[Court Jurisdiction e.g. Southern District of New York]

[Address of the Court]

[City, State, Zip Code]


Regarding: U.S. vs Defendant’s name [Case Number]


Dear Honorable Judge [Judge's Last Name],


My name is [Your Name], and I am writing to you on behalf of my son, XX XX [Son's Full Name], who is facing the consequences of his actions before the court. He has brought shame to our family but, more importantly, it saddens me that his actions harmed others. Although XX [Son’s First Name] is deeply remorseful for the transgressions he has committed, I would like to share more about him in the hope of providing some insight into his character.


XX is a kind and compassionate individual. He possesses a generous heart and is often moved to tears by the world around him – this includes crying in movies and tearing up when hearing sad news about family and friends. Throughout his life, he has treated his family with kindness and respect. He has been particularly attentive to his father, who lives alone, is elderly, and is facing health challenges. XX travels 60 miles round trip three times a week to check in on his father and ensure his fridge is stocked and pantry is full.


XX comes from an earnest, hardworking family. Our family has a long history of hard work and community service. We have been proud residents of [City] for 25+ years and have always cherished the opportunities to give back to our community. Currently, we own and operate [name of businesses]. When he was younger, XX worked at these businesses, where we tried to instill in him a strong work ethic and integrity. Upon his release from any sanctions imposed by the court, he will have a job waiting for him at our family business.


As his mother, it has been gut-wrenching for me to witness XX's struggles with addiction. I have watched him transform from a promising, successful young man into someone unrecognizable. XX had a bright future ahead of him, and it pains me to see him spiral down this dark path. The addiction crept into his life gradually, and by the time we realized the extent of the problem, it had already taken hold of him. Addiction has a way of distorting a person's judgment and decision-making abilities, leading them to make choices they would never make in their right mind. XX's actions, including his criminal acts, were a desperate attempt to feed his addiction, and I believe that the person he became during this time is not a true reflection of who he is.


XX is a dedicated father who enjoys spending quality time with his son through activities such as fishing and participating in father-son leagues. He has also devoted his time to coaching youth basketball at the YMCA and youth baseball for many years, demonstrating his care and concern for young people. Additionally, he frequently makes the journey to XXXXX to visit his daughter and her two children, exemplifying his loving devotion to his family.


Beyond his family commitments, XX has shown a genuine desire to help those less fortunate. Unbeknownst to us, he provided food, clothing, and shelter to a homeless person in one of our warehouses during the winter months. His kindness and willingness to assist those in need reflect the goodness in his heart.


XX's troubles began when he became addicted to oxy and entangled in gambling, but he fully acknowledges that it is no excuse for his wrongful actions. The stealing funded his gambling addiction at casinos. However, he recognized the severity of his gambling problem and voluntarily placed himself on a no-entry list at the Indian casino. He has accepted full responsibility for his criminal activities and is prepared to face his punishment with courage and dignity.


XX is a gentle and non-confrontational individual who does not engage in arguments or act on his anger. I earnestly pray that you consider a custodial sentence that offers opportunities for personal growth and communication.


Throughout his year-long pre-trial supervision, XX has voluntarily participated in Gambler’s Anonymous meetings which focus on addressing the root causes of his gambling and drug problems. These meetings have contributed to his self-awareness, and he has managed to stay clean and distance himself from negative influences. This period has also allowed him to spend more time with his family, leading to a noticeable increase in his calmness and willingness to engage in open and honest communication, a change that I wholeheartedly welcome as his mother.


I firmly believe that XX has the capacity to learn from his mistakes and redirect the course of his life. Our family is deeply pained by his actions, and we recognize the need for him to be held accountable. We are confident that he will remain steadfast on the path to recovery, free from the grip of drugs and gambling. Our entire family will offer any support to ensure that XX emerges from this legal process with a renewed commitment to leading a peaceful, responsible life characterized by love and service.


Your Honor, we love XX dearly and fervently implore you to show mercy and compassion in your sentencing decision. We believe in his potential for rehabilitation and transformation, and we are committed to supporting him every step of the way.





[Your Name]


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