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Court Character Reference Letters

CCRL is a premium full-service company that manages and compiles all your character reference letters for court. We work coast to coast, at both the state and federal level. We understand the importance of a good character reference letter for court and we specialize in driving a process that will make a positive impact.


Our service is specially designed for individuals whose network consists of busy/high-profile family, friends, and colleagues. We remove the anxiety and complexity while minimizing the burden so your referrals can deliver the best character reference letters in support of you.

Making An Impact


Avg. Number of Letters Gathered From Network


Avg. Number of Letters Submitted to Court


Avg. Number of Weeks to Complete All Letters 


Avg. Sentence Reduction in Cases with a Downward Departure*

At CCRL, we follow a straightforward but methodical process to ensure that you receive the best possible character reference letters for court. We start with a free consultation to understand the case and your needs. Then, we manage the workload to deliver customized letters from your network that highlights the best of you in order to achieve the best possible outcome at sentencing. 

Our Method

Quality > Quantity

Research & Analysis

We conduct thorough research and analysis to ensure that your reference letter is tailored to your specific needs. This is all we do.

Customized Writing

Our experienced team utilizes the interviews to create a customized letter that highlights your best qualities and achievements.

Professional Editing

Our professional editors review each letter to ensure that it meets our high standards for quality and effectiveness.


We understand the sensitive nature of court cases. We value the privacy of our clients and their network. 


Whether its for your presentence interview or for your sentencing hearing, we work diligently to meet critical deadlines.

Our Core Values





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