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Court Reference Letter From Employer V2

If you choose the DIY route, please tailor this letter for your specific situation. This is a sample - do not copy verbatim.


[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]




The Honorable [Judge's Full Name]

United States District Court

[Court Jurisdiction e.g. Southern District of New York]

[Address of the Court]

[City, State, Zip Code]


Regarding: U.S. vs Defendant’s name [Case Number]


Dear Honorable Judge [Judge's Last Name],


I am writing to express my perspective on the character of XX. I have had the privilege of employing XXXX at our YYYYY for the past two years, and I believe it is important to share my observations about his character and actions during his time with us.

Throughout his tenure at YYYYY, I have closely observed XX as he interacted with both our valued customers and fellow employees. I can confidently attest that he is a person of utmost integrity and conscientiousness. Despite the challenges he faces, I remain committed to offering him a position with our company once he has resolved his legal issues.

In a display of his sincerity and remorse, XX voluntarily approached me in my office to discuss the details of his transgression. It was evident that he was emotionally overwhelmed and deeply affected by his actions. He openly acknowledged the harm he had caused to our community and the pain inflicted upon others due to his regrettable decision. His emotional breakdown showcased the depth of his embarrassment and shame, leaving no doubt about the sincerity of his remorse. As a gesture of accountability, he even offered his resignation from his position.

Having been in business for over three decades, I have encountered my fair share of employees who have faced legal troubles. However, XX stands out as a unique individual in his willingness to take full responsibility for his actions. He refrains from making excuses or placing blame on others, fully acknowledging his own role in the problems he has caused.

XX's commitment to self-improvement and amends is truly commendable. In addition to working tirelessly to support himself, he actively participates in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as he strives to regain control over his addictions. Furthermore, he dedicates his time to volunteering at our local homeless shelter, an act he sees as a way to begin making reparations to society for his wrongdoings.

During his tenure at my company, I have witnessed numerous instances where XX prioritized the interests of our business over personal gain. He exhibits unwavering honesty when handling sales, demonstrating his integrity and trustworthiness. If there ever were an individual I would wholeheartedly trust with my business, it would unequivocally be XX. Hence, I am eager to rehire him once he has fulfilled his obligations to society.

In closing, I genuinely hope that this letter provides you with a more comprehensive understanding of XX's character. While you may have access to ample information regarding the crime in question, I can only attest to his qualities as a fundamentally good person. I fervently wish for XX to successfully resolve his legal matters and embark on a path towards personal redemption.





[Employer’s name]


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