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Court Reference Letter From Employer V1

If you choose the DIY route, please tailor this letter for your specific situation. This is a sample - do not copy verbatim.


[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]




The Honorable [Judge's Full Name]

United States District Court

[Court Jurisdiction e.g. Southern District of New York]

[Address of the Court]

[City, State, Zip Code]


Regarding: U.S. vs Defendant’s name [Case Number]


Dear Honorable Judge [Judge's Last Name],


My name is XXXX and I am the [title] of [company name]. I am writing to provide a character reference for XX, whom I had the privilege of employing for three years at [company name]. During XX's tenure with us, he demonstrated exceptional qualities that I believe are essential to consider when evaluating his character.


XX held a prominent reputation within the [business sector] community, and I consider myself fortunate to have had him as part of my team. When XX candidly disclosed his involvement in illegal activities and the subsequent severe consequences he faced, I found myself empathizing with his situation. What struck me most was his unwavering commitment to make amends for his actions. Rather than making excuses, he displayed a remarkable sense of personal accountability during this trying period. XX's focus was not on how his troubles would affect his own life but on his responsibility towards the victims impacted by his poor decisions.


I wish to emphasize that I have known XX beyond the unfortunate criminal misconduct he described, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my perspective on the individual I have come to know and respect.


During his time with our organization, XX served as the head of my sales team and consistently exhibited exceptional dedication. He was always accessible, willing to work seven days a week, day or night. His innate talent for communication made him a standout performer, and he treated all individuals with genuine warmth and respect, often greeting them with a smile.


At our company, compassion is a core value, and XX unquestionably embodied this quality. His caring nature extended to both people and his commitment to achieving outstanding results. Beyond his interpersonal skills, XX possessed a natural gift for organization, which proved invaluable when we embarked on the implementation project. Throughout his employment, we undertook several business trips together, fostering a deeper connection. These trips allowed me to get to know XX on a personal level. We engaged in conversations about a wide range of topics, and I had the pleasure of meeting his wife, XXX, and their lovely daughters. From these interactions, it became evident to me that he possesses a good heart and an unwavering spirit, which makes it all the more saddening to see him in his current predicament.


I witnessed a significant change in XX following the tragic and sudden loss of his father. His desire to support extended family was complicated by interfamilial dynamics.  Such a traumatic experience undoubtedly took a toll on him, and I cannot begin to imagine the depths of sorrow he must have endured.


I deeply regret that XX transgressed federal law, acknowledging his solemn mistake and the gravity of his actions. It saddens me to consider the potential harm he may have caused to others, especially given the severity of the opioid addiction epidemic. However, I firmly believe that XX has recognized the error of his ways. For over a year, he has willingly sought treatment and shown an unwavering commitment to overcoming his addiction.


My sincere hope is that XX will eventually find peace and equilibrium as he navigates the legal process. Throughout our conversations, he has expressed genuine remorse and taken full responsibility for his actions. I am confident that he possesses the resilience and determination to emerge from this ordeal with a newfound purpose for his future.


One aspect of XX's character that stands out is his sincere desire to make amends to the victims of his crimes, as evidenced by the savings he has diligently set aside for this purpose. Furthermore, I am committed to offering him a job within my company upon his release from the legal sanctions.


Your Honor, I kindly request that you consider the sentiments expressed in this letter as you contemplate XX's punishment. I believe in his potential for rehabilitation and his commitment to becoming a responsible, contributing member of society once more.





[Employer’s name]


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