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Court Character Reference Letters

A Premium, Fully Managed Service To Compile

All Your Character Reference Letters For Court

Simplifying the Process.
Maximizing the Impact.

Premium Service

  • Our service is specially designed for individuals whose network consists of busy / high-profile family, friends and colleagues.

  • We remove all the anxiety and complexity so your referrals deliver the best character reference letters in support of you.

Avoid Costly Pitfalls

  • Ineffective or tone deaf character reference letters, which happens often, can cause a negative publicity frenzy

  • Our expertise and experience helps deliver the highest quality letters while avoiding common pitfalls that may cost you in terms of your liberty (i.e. a harsher sentence).

Influence Your Sentencing

  • Character reference letters can play a critical role in your sentencing strategy by humanizing you, highlighting positive contributions, and demonstrating your remorse.

  • Well crafted letters can influence judges to downward depart at sentencing.

Court Character Reference Letters

We Are Here To Help You

Achieve A Better Outcome

At CCRL, our mission is to help individuals build a compelling case for downward departures by providing exceptional character reference letters for state and federal court. We understand the impact these letters can have on the outcome of a case, and we strive to deliver the best possible results for our clients. Our team provides a premium full-service offering that removes all the complexity, stress and uncertainty from the process.

We have experienced it. We have lived it. We know.


Our Services

Step 1

We Strategize Your Character Reference List

  • Who should you ask to write a character reference letter?

  • How do you nurture the relationship before making the ask?

Step 2

We Coordinate & Conduct Virtual Interviews

  • We manage the process to reduce the burden for your network and deliver high quality letters timely

  • We ask a unique set of questions in a particular order to highlight the best of you to the court

Step 3

We Transcribe, Compile

& Draft The Letter

  • Using our expertise, we compile the letter in the most advantageous manner possible

  • We send a final draft of the letter to the reference to make final edits and submit to your lawyer


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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal:
it is the courage to continue that counts.”

- Winston Churchill - 

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